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As promised here is the recipe for Kothu Roti.  I think it must be one of my favourite dishes of all time.  I love that the healthier rendition of this is absolutely just as good as what you’ll find in Sri Lanka.

This is a street food mostly enjoyed on the east coast of the little island floating off the coast of southern India.  Every time I taste Kothu I am transported back to the nights where I lay awake to the sound of it being prepared outside on the street under my window.

Slap chop chop chop slap scrape chop chop scrape chop.

Eventually the sounds would lull me to sleep under the whirling of the fan and the protection of my mosquito net.  It’s that time of year again when I long for my next trip back to my second home.

Kothu is made up of all the veggies and roti that weren’t sold that day at the roti shops.  It’s salted and spiced and fried (all those delightfully horrible things) then chopped into bits on a hot grill.   Most times you’ll get a cuppa hot plain tea in a plastic cup to wash it down with.   The veggies are all the good cancer fighting foods like garlic, onions, carrots, cabbage, leeks, scallions.  When I order it veggie style in Sri Lanka it’s a real treat and I savour every bite.  I take it down to the ocean and mush my toes around in the sand and stare up at the millions of stars overhead.

Now that I’ve recreated it without oil or any other scary ingredient I don’t feel the least bit guilty.  I encourage you to give it a try and serve it up with last week’s Dahl curry recipe.

Kothu Roti – Feed Life Style
Serves 6

Starve Cancer Benefits:

Tons of veggies from the Allium family (onion, garlic, leek, scallions)and Red cabbage has anthocyanin polyphenols which are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.
Turmeric and Black Pepper: combined are amazing for anti-inflammatory and anticancer action.


5 rice or wheat roti’s (Indian flat bread) chopped into small inch long strips
1 yellow onion chopped
5 cloves of garlic sliced thinly
2 cups red cabbage chopped
1 cup carrots julienne
½ cup leeks chopped
¼ cup scallions chopped
12 dried or fresh curry leaves
1 TBS turmeric
1 tsp black pepper

Sea salt, chilli powder and lime juice to taste


In a hot fry pan place onions and let them start to stick to the bottom of the pan and turn brown.
Add a bit of water or veggie broth to deglaze.  Repeat until onions are soft and brown
Add in spices and garlic turn heat to medium low coat onions with spice (should be a bit dry)
Add  in remaining ingredients except salt and lime juice.
Fold ingredients over each other and add a bit of broth when it gets sticky – just enough to bubble and lift the flavours from the bottom of the pan
The ingredients should turn a vibrant colour and get a bit tender.
Sprinkle lime juice, sea salt and chilli powder to taste.

Enjoy and Imagine yourself here:

www.aimsrilanka.blogspot.com  for more Sri Lanka photos