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Thought I would share with you some shots from family dinner last night.  We had quite the feast and not one item was cooked in oil, had added sugar, dairy or meat.  Was great to spend the evening with like minded foodies and yogis. I absolutely recommend you starting your own tradition of sharing good food with great friends  – a relaxing and belly satisfying way to start the week and exchange recipes!

Dinner started off with Tabbouleh salad (tomatoes, garlic, celery, bulger, parsley, lemon) and Mac and ‘Cheeze’ (recipe to come – sooo delicious!)

Next we hag a ‘big hug’ (as L would say) of Butternut squash and lentil soup.  Wow now that is something I’m going to try making at home!

Poor L. left to go to the washroom and came back with a couple of us trying to steal some bites. Yup thats the pudding from the previous post – I made enough for 10 but somehow 4 people managed to put a huge dint in it….notice the portion control size cups and spoons?  Doesn’t work when you go back for thirds :-S

Had to burn off those excess calories with a lively game of Crocono.

Ready for a great week ahead.  My Feed Life classes are full and new students have been calling asking when the next classes will be running.  Feels so good to be able to share all this important life giving information with such great groups of people.  Feed Life has brought a new meaning to ‘do what you love and love what you do’. Since I had such a positive response from my classes I’ve added classes  for November/December 2011 and a new set of classes that will run until March 2012 – I’ll be posting those soon.  This week I’ll be teaching how to make dairy alternatives and some tasty dip>sauce>soup combos… now off to Whole Foods to buy the ingredients to start making the nut cheeze!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy week.  Stay tuned for the recipe from last nights dinner.