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Happy World Vegan Day! The 1st of November marks the beginning of World Vegan Month.

Now I’m not really into labels.  Before I smartened up and stopped calling myself a vegan people were always waiting for me to slip up.  Now when I’m asked about what I eat I say: I eat plants or I’m a planteater or I follow a plant-based diet. Vegan to a lot of people insinuates hemp tie-died thai pants and granola. There is nothing wrong with that but I certainly don’t fit that stereotype. It’s unfortunate that vegans have gotten a bad wrap. I found that when I told people that I was vegan they immediately thought I was some sort of crazy extremist.   As a nutritionist and health advocate I can help people towards a healthier lifestyle by appealing to their taste-buds and not scaring them off with labels that most feel is unattainable.

BUT since I am a planteater and love animals and advocate for their right to humane treatment I fully support and celebrate world vegan day and month!!  Hurrah another excuse to celebrate veggies.  So what did I do today to celebrate?  I headed to Organic Lives!  Love that place and love the teaching space where I am honored to teach my classes.

Met up with Amanda and Mike to chat about a fun new project for Feed Life they are going to be helping me with.  Amanda is an awesome woman check out her super fun blog www.Tomboythatwearsmakeup.com she was so sweet and did some great blog posts about my classes and took some fabulous photos!:http://tomboythatwearsmakeup.com/tag/feed-life

Mike is her fiance and a videographer… what a talented couple! Check out his website: http://www.mikeschurko.com/videography

This evening I made a yummy Starve Cancer cocktail: Blueberries, Sencha Green Tea, Ginger and Lime.

I love limes!  Did you know that one of the phytonutrients in limes called d-Limonene is a potent nutrient for starving cancer?  Most of d-limonene is found in the skin so when I make my starve cancer cocktails I make sure to zest some of that skin right into my blender.  Check out this article on the chemoprotective qualities of d-limonene. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1470060/

My challenge for you for this month is to eat one meal everyday that is plantbased and anima product free… you’ll save money and help save the planet!

Health and Happiness,