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I’ve been looking for the perfect inspiration to get up early and take the time to set a positive intention for the day.  I find during the cold winter months it gets tough to untangle from the warm coziness of bed and transition to  beginning the day.  I find myself sleeping for longer, pushing the boundaries of time and in the end being rushed to get to where I need to be.  In my ideal day I would get up 2 hours early  take the puppies for a run, do an hour of yoga, sit in meditation,  read some inspiration while sipping sencha green tea, make a green smoothie and taking a warm relaxing shower – ok I might need to get up 3 hours early to do all that…

I know if I were to do it I would feel much more energized and productive – by 8am the day will have been put to amazing use!  Soooo…..I am going to move towards making this a reality.  I’m challenging myself to set my daily alarm for 45min earlier with intention that I will spend that time taking care of me.

Interested in making a similar change in your life?  GREAT! – I’m going to help you get started!!

Welcome to Feed Life’s Daily Morning Mantra

Mantrais a word or group of words that are considered capable of creating transformation. 

Check the Feed Life Blog every morning at 6am for a positive thought for your day or subscribe to the RSS Feed and get it mailed to you directly.  The morning mantra could be a quote, a nugget of wisdom, poem, beautiful photo, nutrition fact, recipe or something to ponder.  A little something to kick off your day with juicy positivity.  Whether you wake up early to get your mantra or read it while you’re sitting behind your desk at work I hope these daily Mantra’s will inspire you to create positive change bright and early in your day. You deserve to feel vibrant and full of life! A great start to your day of Feeding Life while Starving Cancer!

See you tomorrow morning!

Love and Laughter,