Good Morning Monday! It’s that time of week already?

The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”

-Sydney J. Harris

Ever feel like you you don’t have time to fit everything in that needs to get done?

I’ve heard from countless friends, clients and family that the reason that they don’t do yoga is because ‘there just isn’t enough time’.  They would be right – if yoga were something that drained you of energy and clouded your thoughts.  It’s not yoga that does that it’s STRESS!  Yoga is the antidote to stress.  I made a promise to myself to do yoga everyday.  That doesn’t mean that I have to do a whole 90 minutes it just means that I need to roll out my mat and sit for 5 min and if all I do is deep yoga breath then that’s fine! But every time I do layout my mat I always end up doing the juicy yoga asanas that my body needs,  a sequence just flows and afterwards I feel great!  Way less anxiety about what I need to get done, I get perspective on my priorities and I’m far more productive.  That 20 minutes actually gave me an extra burst of energy and the clear mind to handle the tasks at hand with efficiency.

Yoga on the Red Rocks of Sedona

Roll out your mat today and sit for 5 min and breathe – You deserve it! Let me know what happens!

Oh and stay tuned into the Feed Life Website in February we’ll be launching and entirely new site and some great resources for you to get you inspired to Feed Life through many different ways!