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The body is your temple keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in

~ BKS Iyengar

Happy New Year!

What are you going to do to feed your life this year?

I started 2012 off by simplifying.  I made some decisions to let go of parts of my life that were holding me back from achieving my goals.  It was a gutsy move but I felt so good and free as soon as I did it.  I felt vitality return and a cold that I had been hanging onto all of a sudden disappeared.  This process reaffirmed to me how important the mind, body, soul connection is.  I renewed a promise to myself to continue to treat my body as a sacred place.

I think it’s time again to do a cleanse. Gotta clean out the temple.  If any of you have experienced an ashram/temple/church you can appreciate the amount of hard work that goes into keeping it squeaky clean. I am always impressed by the cleanliness of the temples in Sri Lanka – while outside the temple is dusty and cluttered with plastic bottles, beetlenut red spit splatters the inside is always a sharp contrast.  We have to do that kind of work on our bodies too! Did you know that the average person holds on to 5-10lbs of toxins?  We’re exposed to toxic substances everyday all day… it goes hand in hand with modern urban life.  I do my best to eat a clean, nutrient dense diet, use natural organic cleaning products, buy organic produce, use chemical free soaps and shampoos but I know I’m still exposed to a large range of environment toxins I can’t do anything about.

Here is one of my favourite morning cleanses… if you don’t have time to take on a juice fast for a week or even revamp your diet try adding in a green juice like this every morning to give your body an instant boost of nutrients that will help support your body’s natural cleansing process.

Feed Life Morning Cleanse Elixir

1 green apple
1 cucumber
1 cup spinach
1/4 of a small lemon
1 small thumb of ginger
1/2 cup filtered water if using vitamix


Place ingredients in the juicer or vitamix and enjoy!  Imagine those delicious phytonutrients feeding your healthy cells!

Stay tuned to join me on my juice cleanse coming up.  I’ll be taking you along on my journey through a Feed Life Cleanse.

Wishing you a vibrant day,