A man that hoards up riches and enjoys them not, is like an ass that carries gold and eats thistles

~Richard Burton

I thought this quote was rather humorous.  I like to think of it in reference to how much we spend on food.  A huge part of a healthy vibrant life is consuming clean, delicious, nutrient dense, most of the time organic food.  Lets face it it gets expensive. BUT… it’s time for a priority check… do you want to feel light and energized, vibrant and beautiful, nourished and satiated?  Probably!  In that case we really can’t put a price tag on good quality food.  Did you know that the average home in North America spends half the $$ on food for their family (relatively – in proportion to what they spend the rest of their income on) to what they did 50 years ago? That’s crazy!
Healthy eating CAN be done on a budget (just check out one of my classes and you’ll see).  The cost of a fancy coffee at starbucks is twice the amount as my green smoothie and I’ll feel energized for twice as long.  Batch cooking is another way of saving money.  By having a surplus of grains and legumes ready for fresh herbs and veggies you can create simple meals fast and consume them throughout the week. If you can’t afford to buy all organic just make sure that you are purchasing the dirty dozen produce organic. The environmental Workers Group created this list to help shoppers choose the best produce.
Think of how much money you would save on cosmetics if you were glowing from the inside out and eating foods that prevented wrinkles!  Eating cleanly and enjoying nutrient dense foods makes us more productive and think clearly… I can accomplish so much more when I eat my fruits and veggies because I don’t feel bloated, heavy and uncomfortable… have I convinced you yet?
I look at my grocery bill as an investment in my health and quality of life.
Do you have any tips on eating healthy on a budget?
Peas out,