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There are new diet books popping up everywhere these days; consumers are being bombarded with conflicting messages regarding health and nutrition.  The China Study is not another diet book it is based on 20 years of detailed peer-reviewed studies and statistics. It intelligently clarifies the facts and lets you decide how or if you want to incorporate the information into your life. 

The China Study is a potent read for anyone concerned with health and prevention of disease.  The Campbell’s research is particularly insightful for people living with or trying to prevent cancer, diabetes, obesity and heart disease.  Research shows how the connection between our health and our wellbeing is directly linked to diet and lifestyle.  The China Study offers hope for those affected by illness by explaining how plant-based nutrition has the ability to reduce or reverse the effects of these illnesses.

The China Study compares the diets of rural Chinese, urban Chinese and Chinese that move to North America and adopt a western diet.  Evidence shows that the further away from a plant-based unrefined rural diet a person gets the risk of disease increases. The data from China suggests that all calories are not created equal in terms of both health and metabolism. 

In the final section of the book The China Study exposes the source of nutritional confusion produced by powerful lobbies, government entities, and scientists.  This section of the book could easily be published separately as it covers a vast topic and encourages the reader to think beyond the messages that are being sold and how they affect our health.

Overall, The China Study offers a compelling view of nutrition and health from one of the leaders in the field that will have lifesaving implication for many of its readers. This book comes highly recommended!